Louisville™ Deep Seat Cut Back Show Saddle

Louisville™ Deep Seat Cut Back Show Saddle

For the rider whose preference is a deep seat this is the answer.  It features all of the same innovations as Louisville™ but gives a little more security that a deeper seat affords.

Leather Options: X-Grip Water Buffalo with Ultra-Tack™ Calf Skin in the seat.

Also Available to Special Order: Smooth Suede Nu-Buck Buffalo in the Seat.

Colours: Black or Brown

Seat Sizes: 18”,19”,20”,21”,22” and 23”

Tree Widths: Narrow, Medium and Wide.

Price: $2,850.00

A New Unique Feature only available from Lovatt & Ricketts®

Our unique Saddle Seat cut back spring tree has been further enhanced by the improving of the Longitudinal (length) flexibility of the tree enabling it to flex with the movement of the horse’s motion. We have over several years exhaustively been testing a combination of layers of Birch Wood ply to obtain the optimum flex with maximum strength. We have completed our research and incorporated it into several of our European models and is now available in our cut back models. This is a truly unique innovation and tremendous advancement in the comfort of the horse.

Best Custom Fit!

After over a year of having back-to-back saddle issues, we finally turned to Arabian Saddle Company for a custom fit to my impossibly wide gelding. Not only did they work with me to find what would be the best option for us, but when the saddle arrived it could not have been more perfect. I noticed an immediate positive change in my horse’s performance, and I cannot put into words the comfort that I experience myself when riding. We will never turn to anybody other than ASC for our saddle needs!

Meagan, Texas