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An Idea Forms:

In 1990 an idea germinated in the offices of Lovatt & Ricketts Saddles® Walsall England, a novel idea; a range of saddles designed specifically for the different activities enjoyed by the Arabian horse owner. Over many years we had built saddles for every breed and discipline owned and practiced by horse owners but never devoted a whole range for one particular breed of horse. During this particular period Stephen Lovatt, the managing director of the company, had been spending the weekend with his very dear friend the well known and highly acclaimed Equestrian author Elwyn Hartley-Edwards and they paid a visit to a mutual acquaintance who owned a local Arabian stud. The conversation evolved regarding the difficulty of finding a good fitting saddle that was designed to accommodate the particular characteristics of the Arabian horse, so digesting this later the story unfolds thus The Arabian Saddle Company was born.

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The Arabian Saddle Company, Inc.


Saddle Barn Ranch

32505 N. 43rd Street

Cave Creek, Arizona  85331

arabian saddles

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The Arabian Saddle Company, Ltd.


Clifford House

10-14 Butts Road,

Walsall, WS4 2AR, England


Highly recommend!When approached to try one of these saddles, I was apprehensive at first. After training horses for many years there is always someone that has the perfect item they want you to buy. Figuring I had nothing to loose, I took one of the saddles to try it out. Within the first pass down the barn, I was amazed how comfortable the saddle was. At that point I started paying more attention to the saddle as a whole. The craftsmanship is impeccable. I allowed some of my clients to try it out, and they were very impressed with how comfortable the saddle was. I was so impressed with this saddle, I bought two of them. As many horses that I work on on a daily basis, being comfortable in the saddle is a must.  I have told several trainers about this saddle and they have also purchased saddles. Highly recommend!
Dena Tanner Lopez