Clients of The Arabian Saddle Company


A full range of saddles, designed specifically for the different activities enjoyed by the Arabian horse owner, are all hand-made by Lovatt & Ricketts Saddles®  in Walsall England.  The following is a listing of our many clients and proud owners of Arabian Saddle Company custom saddles from around the globe.

Photo of Bay Area Equestrian Center

Bay Area Equestrian Center

Photo of Baywood Equestrian Center

Baywood Equestrian Center

Photo of Beethe Arabians

Beethe Arabians

Photo of Bill Flood Show Horse

Bill Flood Show Horse

Photo of Bridgette White Training

Bridgette White Training

Photo of Burkman Centre

Burkman Centre

Photo of Caruth Arabians & Half Arabians

Caruth Arabians & Half Arabians

Photo of Chesapeake Training Center

Chesapeake Training Center

Photo of ChriShan Park

ChriShan Park

Photo of ChriShan Park

ChriShan Park

Photo of Conway Arabians

Conway Arabians

Photo of Culbreth Equine Training and Management

Culbreth Equine Training and Management

Photo of Debbie Reid

Debbie Reid

Photo of Des Fountain, Inc.

Des Fountain, Inc.

Photo of Dolorosa Arabian, Ltd.

Dolorosa Arabian, Ltd.

Photo of Equine Regalia

Equine Regalia

Photo of Esser Valley Arabians, LLC.

Esser Valley Arabians, LLC.

Photo of Fairfield Arabians

Fairfield Arabians

Photo of Garlands Ltd

Garlands Ltd

Photo of LaCroix, Ltd

LaCroix, Ltd

Photo of Lambert Arabians, LLC

Lambert Arabians, LLC

Photo of Mike Neal Arabian Center, LLC

Mike Neal Arabian Center, LLC

Photo of N Joy Arabians

N Joy Arabians

Photo of Oak Haven Arabians

Oak Haven Arabians

Photo of Pegasus Arabians

Pegasus Arabians

Photo of Proud Heritage Training Center

Proud Heritage Training Center

Photo of R.O. Lervick Arabians

R.O. Lervick Arabians

Photo of R.O. Lervick Arabians

R.O. Lervick Arabians

Photo of RBC Show Horses, LLC

RBC Show Horses, LLC

Photo of Rio Estancia Arabians

Rio Estancia Arabians

Photo of Rooker Training Stable

Rooker Training Stable

Photo of Royal Salute

Royal Salute

Photo of Sandspur Ranch

Sandspur Ranch

Photo of Siemon Stables, Inc.

Siemon Stables, Inc.

Photo of Smart Start Stable

Smart Start Stable

Photo of Southern Oaks Farm

Southern Oaks Farm

Photo of Stachowski Farm, Inc.

Stachowski Farm, Inc.

Photo of Straight Forward Dressage

Straight Forward Dressage

Photo of Susan Shea Arabians

Susan Shea Arabians

Photo of Todd Ehret

Todd Ehret

Photo of Twin L Performance Horses

Twin L Performance Horses

Photo of Vicki Humphrey Training Center

Vicki Humphrey Training Center

Photo of Westridge Farms LLC

Westridge Farms LLC

Photo of Wilson Training Center

Wilson Training Center

Photo of Wolf Springs Ranches, Inc

Wolf Springs Ranches, Inc