Distributors for the Arabian Saddle Company


A full range of saddles, designed specifically for the different activities enjoyed by the Arabian horse owner, are all hand-made by Lovatt & Ricketts Saddles®  in Walsall England.  The following is a list of Arabian Saddle Company distributors from around the globe.

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Photo of Adrienne Hendricks Saddlery

Adrienne Hendricks Saddlery

Photo of Alix Carter

Alix Carter

Photo of Amanda Lennox

Amanda Lennox

Photo of Amayzing Saddlery

Amayzing Saddlery

Photo of Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes



Photo of Ashton Saddlery

Ashton Saddlery

Photo of Jo Baker

Jo Baker

Photo of Bear House Saddlery

Bear House Saddlery

Photo of Caroline Howells Saddle Fitter

Caroline Howells Saddle Fitter

Photo of Central Saddlery

Central Saddlery

Photo of Comfortzone Saddle Fit, LLC

Comfortzone Saddle Fit, LLC

Photo of Dada Horse Inc

Dada Horse Inc

Photo of Derbyshire Saddles

Derbyshire Saddles

Photo of Dragonfly Saddlery

Dragonfly Saddlery

Photo of Eclipse Equestrian

Eclipse Equestrian

Photo of Eq-Unique Sadelmakeri & Laedergos

Eq-Unique Sadelmakeri & Laedergos

Photo of Equestrian Imports

Equestrian Imports

Photo of Equicraft Saddlery

Equicraft Saddlery

Photo of Equiphys


Photo of Fox Saddlers Ltd

Fox Saddlers Ltd

Photo of Freedom Saddlery

Freedom Saddlery

Photo of Genti Campbell Saddle Fitter

Genti Campbell Saddle Fitter

Photo of Georgina McKeown Saddle Fitter

Georgina McKeown Saddle Fitter

Photo of Goedhard Endurance & Marylot

Goedhard Endurance & Marylot

Photo of Beverly Gray

Beverly Gray

Photo of Griffinbrook Ltd.

Griffinbrook Ltd.

Photo of Hannah Griffiths

Hannah Griffiths

Photo of Hastkuren


Photo of Hawks House Saddlery

Hawks House Saddlery

Photo of Help Your Horses

Help Your Horses

Photo of Hey Farm Saddlery Limited

Hey Farm Saddlery Limited

Photo of Hilltop Saddlery

Hilltop Saddlery

Photo of Idaho Saddle Company

Idaho Saddle Company

Photo of Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies

Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies

Photo of K & H Horsepower

K & H Horsepower

Photo of Kronborg’s Sadelmageri & Rideustyr

Kronborg’s Sadelmageri & Rideustyr

Photo of Laura Gardner Saddle Fitter

Laura Gardner Saddle Fitter

Photo of Linda Courtney

Linda Courtney

Photo of Linda Saddlery & Advice

Linda Saddlery & Advice

Photo of Log Cabin Tack

Log Cabin Tack

Photo of Long Melford Saddlery

Long Melford Saddlery

Photo of Longacre Saddlery

Longacre Saddlery

Photo of Louisa Tarling – Saddle Remedies Limited

Louisa Tarling – Saddle Remedies Limited

Photo of Lowther Equestrian

Lowther Equestrian

Photo of LWF Equine Therapy, LLC

LWF Equine Therapy, LLC

Photo of Malvern Saddle Co. Ltd.

Malvern Saddle Co. Ltd.

Photo of Michelle Lyall

Michelle Lyall

Photo of Moa Saddlery Co.

Moa Saddlery Co.

Photo of Mustang International

Mustang International

Photo of New England Saddle Fit, LLC

New England Saddle Fit, LLC

Photo of Northumbrian Saddlery

Northumbrian Saddlery

Photo of Norton & Newby

Norton & Newby

Photo of Nymeyers At Tanglewood

Nymeyers At Tanglewood

Photo of Olympus Saddlery Ltd

Olympus Saddlery Ltd

Photo of Performance Saddlefits

Performance Saddlefits

Photo of POSH Saddles Pty Ltd

POSH Saddles Pty Ltd

Photo of Rebecca Hayward Saddle Fitter

Rebecca Hayward Saddle Fitter

Photo of Russell Pettett

Russell Pettett

Photo of Saddles That Fit! – Mobile Saddle Fitting & Education

Saddles That Fit! – Mobile Saddle Fitting & Education

Photo of Sahajo Southey-Stewart

Sahajo Southey-Stewart

Photo of Salhuset AS

Salhuset AS

Photo of Show Ride & Fun

Show Ride & Fun

Photo of Show’N Off

Show’N Off

Photo of Showcase Tack and Apparel

Showcase Tack and Apparel

Photo of Simply Saddles

Simply Saddles

Photo of Soyo International Corp

Soyo International Corp

Photo of Sterling Equestrian Products

Sterling Equestrian Products

Photo of T & C Robinson

T & C Robinson

Photo of Team Fairway Saddlery Solutions

Team Fairway Saddlery Solutions

Photo of The English Saddle Company Limited

The English Saddle Company Limited

Photo of The Saddle Barn

The Saddle Barn

Photo of The Saddle Fitter

The Saddle Fitter

Photo of The Tack Shop

The Tack Shop

Photo of Thea Maxfield

Thea Maxfield

Photo of TMO Saddlery

TMO Saddlery

Photo of Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop

Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop

Photo of Two Time Tack

Two Time Tack

Photo of Wadswick Country Store

Wadswick Country Store

Photo of Warmwell Saddlery

Warmwell Saddlery

Photo of Winner’s Circle Horse Supply

Winner’s Circle Horse Supply