Stephen A. Lovatt, Master Saddler
SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter
Member of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers


Measuring Saddle Position

It is important that when we take the measurement of the horse’s withers for fitting the saddle that we take it in the correct position. With your horse standing on a level surface, take your existing saddle and place it over the horse’s withers and press down gently. Now slide it a little back until it comes to rest in a natural position just behind the shoulder blades. What we are trying to achieve is to take our measurement about one to one and a half inches (1″ – 1.1/2″) behind the front of the pommel of the saddle. If you lift your outer saddle flap you will see the points of the saddle tree. These are made of wood reinforced with steel. We need to take our measurement directly under these ‘points.’