Stephen A. Lovatt, Master Saddler
SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter
Member of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers


Taking Measurements

OK, so now we have the saddle in the correct position to take our measurement. The next thing we need is a little item called a Flexi-Curve. This is obtainable from most office supply stores for about $6. It is basically a flexible ruler (a wire coat hanger can be used if a Flexi-Curve is not available).Place your fingers under the saddle about one and a half inches behind the pommel and slide the saddle back clear of your hand. Now bend the Flexi-Curve over the horse’s withers in this spot smoothing against the horse to fit the its profile. Carefully remove the Flexi-Curve taking care not to bend it from the shape you have just taken. Now place it on a piece of paper and carefully draw around the inside of this form.Good! We now have the shape of your horse’s withers at this very critical point. We will need your drawing with your order to insure the saddle will fit your horse.